Takuji Shimizu
Board Chairman


    The recent devices and technologies of the entertainment production have shown rapid progress along with growth of a larger-scale of venues and varieties of stage production. These superb staging is supported by a lot of all-out efforts of the engineers of the staging, lighting, sound, video, special effects, and power supplies. However, it is indeed regrettable to hear casualties and accidents frequently.
    Though our field work is seemingly similar to construction industry, in which the safety system and its standard are established and worker's safety is defended by restraint laws and rules, it is quite difference from the construction industry in the industry structure and ordering system in addition to the particularity of concert/event. Thus, those restraint law and rule for construction industry cannot be applicable to our industry. We think that it is a prime task to develop our own security measures for the engineers and the staff involved in our industry.


    We study and reserch about safety in our industry, organize workshop, implement safety management and tighten security. By these activities, we aim to provide safer production space to the citizens who love culture arts and to contribute to expansion of quality culture and arts in our country.


    (1) Investigation and research on safety in the production space
    (2) Organizing workshops and seminars on safety in the production space
    (3) Collection and distribution of information on safety in the production space
    (4) Exchange information and cooperation with other domestic and international organizations on safety in the production space
    (5) Assistance of qualification and certification on safety in the production space
    (6) Creation and distribution of guidelines on safety in the production space
    (7) Related activities

    The risk-free production space cannot be achieved only by our efforts. Understanding, cooperation and support by the production company, the promoter and everybody in the venue facilities and government agencies would be mandatory.
    We understand that every company involved in the production space implements safety management. It is, however indispensable that every company understands the mutual job and shares a common understanding on safety. So, let us start with us, JASST now and make a risk-free production space.
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